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This is a list of the different user levels on Bronibooru, from the lowest to the highest, along with what each is capable of. Each level also has all the abilities of the lower ones.



  • Can create batch processes on the server such as tag aliases, implications
  • Can approve automated requests for tag aliases or implications
  • Can issue "fixes" for tag aliases or implications
  • Can approve name change requests
  • Can promote or demote users' permissions level
  • ComradeCosmobot has box-level access to modify the design of pages, the site, and user accounts


  • Un/delete posts
  • Approve posts as well as lock rating, status, or notes
  • Perform mass tag edits
  • Able to suspend users
  • Can see moderator log


  • Ability to upload images without restriction


  • Search up to six tags at once
  • Can vote on posts
  • Can view deleted posts and posts pending approval


Members are registered users

  • Can adjust personal user settings
  • Ability to favorite images
  • Can create comments on posts
  • Can create wiki pages
  • Can create image pools
  • Ability to edit tags, notes, and comments on posts
  • Can upload images
    • Total upload amount is limited
    • Must be approved by a Moderator or Admin


  • Can view the site
  • Able to search up to 2 tags

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