Read the rules before proceeding!


Tags are basically keywords you can use to describe posts, allowing you to easily search and explore posts based on their content.

Replace spaces with underscores
For example, when searching for "Princess Celestia" use the underscore to create a searchable phrase, "Princess_Celestia."

Tags can be typed. Currently there are only three types other than general: artist, character, and copyright.


Artist tags identify the tag as the artist. You can use the artist prefix (art:) to create an artist tag.


Character tags identify the tag as referring to a character. They work exactly like artist tags, only you prefix them with character: (or char:) when creating them.


The copyright type indicates the tag represents an movie, a song, a brand, or some sort of copyrighted setting. Otherwise they work identically to character and artist tags, only you prefix with copyright (or copy:) when creating them.