Read the rules before proceeding!

how to upload

Uploading images is the basis for Bronibooru. Please read the upload guidelines before uploading any images.


The uploading page can be found here

Uploading is very straightforward. Once on the Upload page begin filling out the information from the top of the form downwards.


Click on the "choose file" button and a Windows file explorer box will appear allow you to navigate to the image on your computer.

Make sure images are:

  • Not explicit
  • No bigger than 3,000 x 3,000 resolution
  • No larger than 5mb


It is highly recommended to include a source. Please link to the exact page for the image if possible. If the artist is unknown or does not have an official gallery, include the source of where you retrieved the image. Be specific, but keep the source link safe for work.

  • If the artist's website has any explicit content create a new Bronibooru wiki page (if one has not already been created) with the artist's name and a brief explanation that the artist has created explicit content. Then, link the image source to that wiki page.
    • This only needs to be done if the gallery has no safe search features. Furaffinity, DeviantArt, and Derpibooru do and thus can be directly linked.

An example can be seen here


The rating of the image has three choices: safe, questionable, and explicit. Click the bubble with the most appropriate choice. There are no explicit images on Bronibooru.

"Questionable" images include any swearing.

"Safe" images are everything else.

Parent and Child Images

On Bronibooru there are parent and child images. A parent image is the initial iteration of an image. Child images include any image based off the original parent image or is a significant variation of the parent.

An example is seen here
In this example, the parent image is outlined in green with the child outlined in yellow. The significant variation was the coloration of the parent image.

"Parent ID" is the ID number of the parent image found on it's Bronibooru page under "Information" on the left. Enter this number into the text box to register the newly uploaded image as a child.


Tags are the most essential aspect of Bronibooru. Tags are used to navigate the website and identify quality of an image.

These qualities include:

  • Copyrights: These are important company, brand, title, or person names that have rights to their works. We respect these rights and thus they are cited whenever possible.
    • Examples: Starbucks, McDonalds, Children_of_the_Night
    • Use (Copy:Example_Brand) to create a new copyright.
  • Characters: Important named characters found within the series and important fanworks.
    • Examples: Fluttershy, Twilight_Sparkle, Princess_Celestia
  • Artist: This field includes the artist name who created the image. If the image was a collaboration or a variation of an original image (like coloration) then include multiple artist names.
    • Examples: Geomancing, Atryl, Tsitra360
    • If the artist name is unknown use "artist_unknown"
    • Use (Art:Artist) to add a new artist.
  • Tags: Basic but widely used characteristics of an image.
    • Examples: Dress, ramen, cloud

When using tags with multiple words in the tag like "Princess Celestia" you have to use an underscore(_) for the tag to properly register as one tag, "Princess_Celestia". If not, the tag will be broken up into "Princess" and "Celestia."

Some tags have aliases. These assist in saving time while uploading images. See our Aliasing Guide for a quick overview of what aliases are.