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    SpecterVonBaren said:
    ....Kingdom Hearts reference maybe?

    If it was, she's not admitting it, according to her comments she was just mostly practicing landscapes.

    Since the focus of this speedpainting exercise was scenery/environment/mood, the characters were the last things I added (and what I spent the least time on). So I placed them far away so that I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time rendering them, and because I wanted the viewer to be removed from the scene. Luna feels alone because there is no one close to her except for the Darkness. Additionally, the scene is part of the characters... Luna is alone on a beach that overlooks an empty ocean, and the full moon is eclipsed and cast in red shadow (lol...symbolism).
    I also wanted them to really be integrated into the environment, which is why they are "drowned out" I suppose... lot's of shadows... etc. And actually, if I didn't take so many liberties with the lighting, you wouldn't even see the characters since they'd be back-lit (at night) and would appear completely in shadow... and I actually think that I should've done that, since the whole thing looks "flat" to me still; not enough contrast... bleah...